Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Razi 2017

Rasa dah bertahun x update blog kesayangan ni.. last time ni la blog yg menjadi teman bila si suami berjauhan... 
This photo was taken on Raya 2016.. so far no addition of family members.. still 5 of us.... Alhamdulillah..
This photo taken on the 4th day of raya.. that time I just completed my last assignment.. 
and Alhamdulillah, I just completed my degree in last September 2016... thanks to my lovely husband who always support me 😘
Update on Amin Rifqi.. 
now, he in standard two.. Alhamdulillah, he is doing well so far.. 
And Arif & Ariana, both of them started their kintergarden programme.. 
Arif perasan diorang twin 😂

Annnnnnddddd this is my kesayangan, dear husband... 
I love you so much .. 
thanks for always be with me & kids.. thanks sbb selalu sabar dgn kerenah isteri & anak2...

Oh since 2016 till today, InsyaAllah, x kan berjauhan lagi dgn suamiku... Alhamdulillah, kerana berpeluang melihat anak2 membesar bersama2.. 

I love my family 😍

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